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25 Random Things Meme from Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, I know you’ve seen the “25 Things About Me” meme (a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes) flying around over the last two weeks.


Time Magazine reported two things on Thursday:

  1. That the meme is stupid, and
  2. That over 5 million of these Facebook notes have appeared on the site.

I’ve decided to post my 25 Things About David because:

  1. I have been tagged in so many 25 Things memes that I cannot possibly even tag back all those who tagged me,
  2. To share with those of you not on Facebook both:
  • A way for you to view my 25 Things,
  • It’s much more fun with links, and
  • An opportunity to present your 25 Things list.  Please leave them in the comments below!

And, without further delay… drumroll please … here are 25 Random Things about Me:


  1. I feel shy, despite the fact that I’ve never found anyone in my life who agrees with me.
  2. I am an existentialist and love existentialist writers:  “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.  It should come as no surprise that Slow Down FAST is a collection of “Existential Self-Help Made Easy.”
  3. I’ve raced competitively sailboats most of my life.  My favorite, by far is the awesome A Scow.
  4. I started my adult working life as a runner on the trading floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.
  5. I have been blissfully married for 9004 days (24 years, 7 months, 24 days).
  6. I have two incredible children.
  7. I have two Black Labradors.
  8. I have a silly side that comes out every once in a while.
  9. My absolute favorite place to vacation, and where I find the most peace, is the British Virgin Islands.
  10. I’d much rather sit in an overstuffed chair next to a fire and have meaningful conversations with loved ones that go out and party.
  11. I’m a firm believer in the saying “That which does not kill me makes me stronger.”
  12. The Blue Collar Comedy specials are a guilty pleasure for me (especially Ron “Tater Salad, You Can’t Fix Stupid” White).
  13. I watch Intervention and am blown away at how badly mangled people can get, as well as Celebrity Rehab and Sober House to remind me of the long odds of staying sober people experience.
  14. I am in Graduate School seeking my Masters in Addiction Counseling.
  15. There’s no such thing for me as watching Dickens’ A Christmas Carol too many times. “I wear the chain I forged in life….I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it.” ~ The Ghost of Jacob Marley.
  16. I believe it’s impossible to fully understand the alcoholic/addicted mind.  However, Stephen King’s The Shining illustrates the insanity going on inside Jack Torrence’s head.  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
  17. I know I cannot change people, places, and situations.  I can, however, accept them.
  18. I truly try to practice the principles of Slow Down FAST each and every day.
  19. I love to cook when I can make the time
  20. I like to ski, yet am more into the power and majesty of the mountains.
  21. My published “life story” is an overview at best.  Many more chapters have figuratively been written and will be written.
  22. The most important thing for me today, and every day, is to “live well today!”
  23. I have been temporarily been directed to live a sweet life in Lindstrom, MN.
  24. The comedian Stephen Wright blows my mind.
  25. I was adopted at 2 weeks old by incredible parents.

Let’s see your 25 Things! (Please submit comments below)

NEWSFLASH: I’ve added another chapter to my life by joining C.A.S.T. Recovery, a Los Angeles based national outpatient drug rehab program which specializes in designing highly individualized recovery plans with appropriate professionals to support a client’s health, accountability, and success.


18 Comments on “25 Random Things Meme from Facebook”

  • Hi David,

    This is GREAT! I love that you took the meme and turned it into a celebration of life of sorts, right here on your blog. I saw that article in Time Magazine as well… and I was amused by the fact that the person who wrote it said it was “stupid” but then posted a list of things about people which were actually quite humorous and entertaining.

    I can never get over how gorgeous your black labbies are. Who is that beagle mix they’re hanging around with in some of the photos?

    I’ll try to post my 25 things here later on – but first I’m going to have some breakfast! Thanks again for sharing.

  • Dina,

    Thank you for your comments! I could have tried to be humorous, but the nature of Facebook is that you simply don’t know some people and their senses of humore. Glad you liked it.

    The mutt is Howie, a fraternity house dog my son brought home for Christmas break. I think Howie may have his own Facebook page.


  • David,

    Thanks for a fun post, and the invite!

    25 Random Things about Me:

    1. My husband and I (who have been married since 2002) did not have a wedding ceremony. We went to the courthouse and picked up a contract, which we signed over a nice lunch at our favorite restaurant (in Colorado, you can marry yourself–no need for an officiator).

    2. I have a beautiful niece, named Violet, just over a year old.

    3. I am currently in the midst of a 2nd journey through The Presence Process.

    4. I smoked for close to 14 years, and have been a non-smoker for over 3 years.

    5. I am a singer, and have dabbled in opera and musical theater.

    6. I speak Russian.

    7. My husband and I run our own business.

    8. My father died close to 10 years ago, and I still miss him everyday.

    9. I’m a published poet.

    10. I’m half Polish and half Irish (which means I like potatoes and booze).

    11. I’m an Aries.

    12. I used to teach High School.

    13. I have an MA in Education.

    14. I’ve traveled to Morocco.

    15. I live in Carbondale, CO, the most beautiful place on Earth.

    16. My full name is Ruth Eileen Powers.

    17. Ruth means “compassionate”, Eileen means “light”, so my name means compassionate powers of light. Pretty cool, huh?

    18. I’m really into anagrams. (One of my favorites: revelation anagrams to: “I reveal not”–ironic.)

    19. Stand-up comedy (the funny kind) can always give me a quick pick-me-up.

    20. My brother is a lawyer, and my sister is a doctor.

    21. I am the eldest child in my family.

    22. I occasionally binge on trash TV.

    23. I play chess.

    24. I have been on a silent retreat (amazing experience).

    25. I talk in my sleep regularly, and have been known to sleepwalk (though not for many years).

  • 1) I’m a 5th year student at USF majoring in Spanish and Criminology. I’m graduating in May.

    2) My mom is my hero and one of my best friends. Whenever I get stressed out I think “what would Mom tell me to do?”

    3) I am a huge animal lover. One day I will own a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Corgi. It depresses and angers me when I see how some people mistreat their animals.

    4) Show me to a mom and pop breakfast place with Eggs Benedict and I will show you a very happy Adrienne.

    5) I think if you don’t want to be disappointed in people often, you need to categorize them. As in “this is a going out friend” and “this is a real friend.”

    6) I watch Intervention on a regular basis, because it makes me feel grateful.

    7) Something I am truly struggling with but am working on is saying what I mean. I have little sympathy for someone who complains about a situation they have the ability to change, but not the desire to actually change it.

    8) I recite the serenity prayer daily, to remind myself not to stress over things I have no control over.

    9) The one thing that can always make everything better (or at least make my worries temporarily go away) is sailing. When I’m on the water I am me, I am happy, and I am at peace.

    10) I want to be cremated and scattered on Lake Beulah, where my parents taught me how to sail and introduced me to some of the greatest people in my life.

    11) If I could do anything for the rest of my life, I would be a lounge singer. (you give me fever…)

    12) My brother and I did not get along until late in high school. Now we’re close friends.

    13) Sunsets are one of the most beautiful things in the world. Especially over the water.

    14) If I didn’t live in the U.S. I would live in the British Virgin Islands or Madrid, Spain.

    15) I think the only way your significant other should change you is for the better. If that is not the case, it’s not right.

    16) Alcohol should not be consumed to solve anything. It temporarily takes attention off your problems or causes more.

    17) I dream of a marriage that is exactly like my grandparents’. They’ve been married 50 years and are still just as much in love as the day they wed.

    18) I firmly believe that marriage and children do not have to change the way you are with your friends, or the amount of time you spend with them.

    19) I believe being a victim and staying a victim are two very different things. Bad things happen. Healing is hard, but it is very doable.

    20) I love a man in jeans in a sweatshirt. Simple, cuddly clothes.

    21) My favorite thing with my boyfriend is when we’re cuddling and his arm is actually around me (instead of hanging like a dead fish) and he kisses me on the forehead and tells me he loves me. There’s no better moment out there.

    22) I only talk to one ex-boyfriend: my first love. He is still a good friend of mine and he always will be.

    23) Starting now I am genuinely FREAKING OUT about graduating and finding a job. I am so scared.

    24) I am terrified of needles, grates on the ground, and birds. Shocking, since I have a tattoo.

    25) I have a “sister” named Kathi who was a foreign exchange student from Germany. She is one of my best friends and I love her very much. She will be in my wedding.

  • Blissful? Wow!

  • Thank you for sharing Ruth!

  • Thank you Adrienne!

  • Yes, Blissful! As in beatific, cool, crazy, delighted, dreamy, ecstatic, elated, enchanted, enraptured, euphoric, floating, flying, gone, heavenly, in ecstasy, in seventh heaven, in the twilight zone, joyful, joyous, mad, on cloud nine, rapturous, sent, spaced-out, turned-on

  • Ok, here goes…..

    1. I collect Harry Potter books from around the world. I have Portuguese, Japanese, German, Spanish, lots of others.

    2. I also collect coffee mugs.

    3. I have 2 dogs, Kobe and Bear, one to replace each child as they went to college. They are black labs.

    4. I love to read and have a book going at all times.

    5. I wanted to be Mike Royo when I grew up. He was a columnist at the Chicago Tribune who wrote opinions about anything he wanted to every day. I could do that.

    6. I was a stoner in college, surrounded by preppies.

    7. I got thrown out of my mother’s sorority. (See #6)

    8. I am living alone for the first time in my life as my husband gets his Master’s in Addiction Counseling at Hazelden in Minnesota.

    9. I love music: singing, listening, and playing the piano.

    10. I love playing tennis and watching it on TV.

    11. I play scrabble with my kids on Facebook.

    12. I have subscribed to People Magazine for the last 10 years at least.

    13. I taught myself to knit out of a book.

    14. I’m still learning. Every day.

    15. I colored my hair once in my entire life.

    16. I am addicted to coffee and cigarettes

    17. I am far too opinionated for my own good.

    18. I lost my last grandparent when I was 15.

    19. I had two uncles who were gods in the Barbershop Quartet circles.

    20. My great grandfather invented the concept of triage.

    21. My next house will be a Craftsman bungalow.

    22. My parents are still madly in love.

    23. I love my Volkswagen station wagon and my family hates it.

    24. I have a huge bulletin board in my back hall that I put whatever I want to on it.

    25. I love to garden.

  • Thank you Vicki!

  • 1. I’m a Libra, and I read my horoscope daily, then add “in bed” to the end to make it more interesting.

    2. I like small dogs better than big dogs. My dog Mandy has been with me for 17 years and I never thought it was possible to have love for an animal like I love that dog.

    3. I also like small cars. People make fun of my Jetta but it gets great gas mileage and I’m the last one people will ask for a ride.

    4. The best birthday of my life was when we beat Brown on my 21st in OT.

    5. Of my friends from HS I still only talk to maybe 5 of them.

    6. My favorite kind of beer is Bud Lite and I prefer Natural Light to Miller Lite. Really anything is better than Miller Lite, the only Miller product I really like is High Life.

    7. Speaking of Natural Light, how come there’s no just plain Natural? Or for that matter why can you never find the red cases of Keystone?

    8. I find Beirut incredibly boring. Beer Pong with paddles is the best drinking game ever but can’t be played everywhere like Beirut, which is its only drawback.

    9. My favorite football player is Peyton Manning. My favorite NFL team is the Colts. But if you ask me I just like watching good football games

    10. The only bad thing about the summer is endless highlights of baseball plays on Sportscenter. After a while it all just runs together.

    11. I’ve had stitches on my head 4 times, once on my right index finger, oral surgery when I was 7 and a hernia removed at 6 months.

    12.I used to have the most awful retainer, one that went on my top and bottom teeth. It was used to move my lower jaw forward. It hurt like hell and was ugly as sin. After that I had braces for a few years.

    13. I was 6′ 3″, 285 lbs in 8th grade.

    14. 8th grade was the first time I played football. My most distinct memory of that season was tackling Lyndon Palusjaj and his hip separating. His mom came and started swearing at me for being too big. I still feel bad about it today.

    15. I miss NFL Primetime with Berman and Jackson. Watching it with my dad every Sunday at 7 during the fall is one of my favorite memories of my youth.

    16. I would love to have a Shamwow, especially because they are used by Olympic divers. If I ever see anyone wearing a Snuggee I will personally take it upon myself to beat the life out of them. Even if it’s an elderly woman good God it’s a freaking backwards robe for Chrissake.

    17. I think that in a few decades people will look back on George W’s presidency and see it wasn’t as bad as we think it is now. Bad, but not the worse ever.

    18. I’ve been to a total of 8 concerts in my life: OAR (twice), The Gypsy Kings, Pat Green, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Journey and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I want to go to more.

    19. I’ve lost my wallet three times. Once it was mailed back to me by thefine police departmen of Pewaukee WI

    20. I’m so excited for the “How’s Your News” show on MTV. That was one of the funniest, most touching movies I have ever seen. I recommend it to everyone.

    21. Top 3s:
    Actors: Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christian Bale,
    Movies: “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, and “Commando”
    Bands: Metallica, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits
    Artists: Elton John, Billy Joel, Toby Keith

    22. The original Babak was a great warrior and hearing my dad tell the story of why he named me Babak is inspiring

    23. I went to the game the Lions lost to go 0-16. Lambeau was sweet, and the game was fun. I passed out in the first half and woke up for the second half. After two trips to WI, my conclusion is that the whole state is a huge cow farm. It’s Ohio, only colder.

    24. I wish I had some gold so I could send it to Cash 4 Gold in a little baggy and then get enough money to go on the vacation of a lifetime.

    25. I love my family and I wish I could meet and spend time with my dad’s side. I’ve only ever met his brother and parents.

  • Babak,

    Thank you for sharing!


  • Thanks for inviting me from Facebook David!

    The 25 things meme has been really cool. I can understand why some people might not like it but I got to know my friend so much more. I enjoyed reading yours.

    Here are mine:

    1. I have a learning disability.

    2. I’m writing a book.

    3. I didn’t like to write when I was younger.

    4. My first big dream in life was to play in the NBA (specifically the Chicago Bulls).

    5. I’ve never been on a plane.

    6. I went to the same high school as Jack Nicholson.

    7. I want to take a cross country road trip and train ride.

    8. I want to make movies (write screenplays and produce).

    9. I don’t ever want to get married; I feel a piece of paper is unnecessary.

    10. I haven’t spoken to my father is probably 10 years (long story).

    11. I was sick a lot when I was a kid. I’ve probably been to the hospital more than a dozen times.

    12. I’ve never drank alcohol, done drugs, or smoked and I don’t ever plan to.

    13. I can’t stand waking up late.

    14. I’m Dutch, Italian, and English.

    15. I love animals (but I’m not vegetarian).

    16. I have a pet turtle, but I really want a dog, specifically a Jack Russell Terrier.

    17. I love all types of music and artists from The Who to Sam Cooke. Anything that I think sounds good I’ll listen to.

    18. I drive a truck.

    19. I used to be addicted to TV. I’d watch it ALL day long but now I only watch it a little at night.

    20. I don’t like talking on the phone.

    21. I’d like to be somewhat famous. I want to leave a legacy for doing something great for people and the world (I’m working on it).

    22. I believe everything happens for a reason.

    23. I’d love to teach a college course on life for one semester for free at different colleges around the country (if it’s possible).

    24. I’m happy I grew up poor.

    25. I don’t have any regrets in life and know I never will.

    Thanks for reading!



  • Andrew,

    I did not know that! Thanks for sharing.


  • 1. I went nameless for a little longer than most babies. 🙂 At the hospital, they tagged me “Baby Giolitto” until my parents were flipping through a magazine, saw an article on Dina Merrill, and decided that was going to be my name. Not the Merril, just the Dina.

    2. I love what I do – write advertising copy, web content and marketing materials. I’ve known that I wanted to be in advertising since age 9 when I used to edit Hammecher-Schlemmer catalogs “for fun.”

    3. I’m a late bloomer. I was always smaller and looked younger than everyone else. I didn’t get my first kiss until I was seventeen! I’m still looking for “the answers” when it comes to committed relationships.

    4. I’d love to be the Female Dog Whisperer. At the very least, I’d love having a farm where I could adopt as many dogs as needed homes and let them run free on my property.

    5. I believe in alternative medicine and don’t trust medical doctors for the most part.

    6. I love working for myself. It beats the corporate lifestyle by miles.

    7. I played the glockenspiel (aka “the bells”) in my high school marching band. Being a part of the football games was exhilarating, even if I wasn’t as cool as the cheerleaders!

    8. I eat sandwiches in the manner that one would gnaw on an ear of corn. I don’t usually realize I’m doing it but people have pointed it out from time to time.

    9. My dad calls my grandma (my mom’s mom) “Red,” as in, “Hey, Red, how ya been?” and I always found that amusing.

    10. I was born with two teeth and they did not fall out.

    11. Socially, I define myself as a “conservative hippie,” if there could ever be such a thing. 😉 I think that just means I can’t be categorized.

    12. There is definitely never enough time in the day for everything I want to accomplish!

    13. I’m a foodie and prefer the “freestyle” manner of cooking – add a little of this and a dash of that, never write it down, never follow recipes.

    14. When Rachael Ray first arrived on the scene, I used to get nervous watching her show because she reminds me of me in a way. I was always worried that she’d lose a finger while she was gabbing away about EVOO. I get defensive when people mock Rachael Ray (like I said, something about her reminds me of me!).

    15. My dogs are shelter mutts with uncreative names – Rascal and Lucky. Rascal earned his name because he’s a naughty boy. Lucky already had been named by the folks at the shelter. He responded when called that, so we kept the name.

    16. I could never be a vegetarian, although I do try to eat vegetarian meals from time to time, for my health.

    17. I run both of my dogs every day.

    18. I worry about the apocolypse sometimes.

    19. I used to smoke but quit when I found out I had high blood pressure. I used a detox tea to help rid my body of the nicotine faster. I guess it worked! By the way, I look stupid smoking. 🙂

    20. I’ve never been to Europe – can you believe that? There’s still time, though. Ireland is first on the list.

    21. When I was little, I had pet hamsters who used to escape from their cages and vacation in the wall behind our stove. We had to lure them out with water (because they would pack up their “cheek pouches” with food for the trip!). Once I found one of the hamsters prowling around my dollhouse in the night. Apparently he knew how to climb stairs!

    22. My personal motto is “Just Do It.” Seriously.

    23. I form opinions of people based on what they do, not what they say.

    24. I love the great outdoors – hiking in the woods, swimming in rivers and lakes… it’s all good to me.

    25. I don’t want to grow up. I’m a Toys”R”Us Kid. Literally.

  • Dina,

    Thanks for sharing! Tell me more about being a conservative hippie?


  • 1. I was conceived in India
    2. I write lyrics and create music with my husband, Brent Law
    3. I have 5 children (three fabulous stepchildren)
    4. I love road trips with Brent (we sing in the car)
    5. I am an introvert at heart
    6. I worked in jails for 14 years, with inmates for 8 of them and almost everything I Iearned about the power of compassion and the mind, I learned thru my work with inmates
    7. my dad was named by Mahatma Gandhi and was delivered by Gandhi’s wife
    8. my first degree was in criminology
    9. I had a miraculous healing from Lupus in 1997
    10. Married for 11 years, I’m wildly in love
    11. my five best friends have all had ET experiences
    12. I’ve never had an E.T. experience (that I know of!)
    13. I host an incredible radio show at http://blogtalkradio.com/Anita-Pathik-Law
    14. I am an interfaith minister of spiritual peace-making and desire to build bridges amongst religions and world leaders
    15. I’ve been able to read energy since a little girl
    16. my slip (oh yeah, it was red too) fell to the floor one day when I was teaching a hostage survival class!
    17. I love sweat lodges and ceremony
    18. I am a comfort freak and often travel with 4 feather pillows
    19. I sleep with my dad’s pillows (I inherited them…ok, took them when he died over 20 years ago!)
    20. I met my husband at a church event and fell in love instantly 10 minutes after saying I was never getting married again
    21. I am a hypnotherapist and do shamanic healing work
    22. I left a 14 year career to become a spiritual teacher and coach
    23. I am impatient with myself
    24. I post a lot of our music and movies at http://www.youtube.com/daredreamerpres
    25. I am a homebody and love home more than anywhere else

  • Anita,

    Thanks for putting yourself out there.

    5 friends with ET experiences? What are the odds of that?


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