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Parellel Universes: The Story of Rebirth (a memoir) by David B. Bohl

Dear Friends,

After 57 years of living this story, I spent the last 4 years chronicling the lessons I’ve learned. Many of you shared these journeys with me. I’d be honored if you choose to read it, and I hope this narrative entertains, amuses, and inspires. Please freely share any impressions you may have, either through a private message or a post on the Parallel Universes Facebook page. Thank you for your friendship and ongoing support.

“So many adopted people battle with addiction. The consequences of relinquishment are generally unacknowledged in our society, and so wounded children become wounded adults with a desperate need to escape the pain they more often than not can’t even name. David B. Bohl names the pain and, in this naming, creates a new doorway of hope and opportunity for those who struggle to see another life, to see there is hope.” -Anne Heffron, author of You Don’t Look Adopted

In this poignant and powerful memoir, David B. Bohl reveals the inner turmoil and broad spectrum of warring emotions-shame, anger, triumph, shyness, pride-he experienced growing up as a “relinquished” boy. Adopted at birth by a prosperous family, Bohl battled throughout his earlier years to keep up a good front and surpass expectations as he tried desperately to fit in. An overachiever at everything he undertook, whether in sailing, academics, or life as a trader on the Chicago Exchange floor, he continued his search for happiness, often finding it in a bottle or pill, and ultimately becoming a raging and wealthy alcoholic.

Not until David marries and has children of his own does he feel compelled to search for his birth parents to discover if genetics played a role in the well-being of his offspring. “Baby Boy Bender,” as he was labeled in the adoption papers, had been born to a red-haired co-ed who struggled with alcoholism and an athlete who later died of a brain tumor.

After several severe seizures and frequent blackouts, it was time to make a drastic change and admit his addiction. Raised with no religious teachings, David struggled with traditional recovery fellowships and sought out secular supports, where he finally fit in. This support allowed him to learn the stark facts about mental health and addiction, as well as the monumental issues many “reliquishees” need to overcome to find peace and a quality of life they deserve.

Today, David is an independent addiction consultant who fully understands the challenges faced by so many who seek to escape from or drown their pain through external means. His story offers hope to those struggling with the reality of everyday life in today’s increasingly stressful world.

“Vulnerable is the new macho, exposing personal weakness, the new leadership. ‘Parallel Universes’ is a sincere, powerful and well-organized memoir of transformation, from overcompensation to authenticity. David B. Bohl leads with his own painful example and his own humble renewal. David may be a first-time author but he’s a seasoned communicator and a community builder … ‘Parallel Universes’ captures a zeitgeist of a movement away from the broken promises of baby boomer superficial success and an attention to personal and community wellness. This is a story for our time.” – Joe C, broadcaster/writer, author of Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for 12-Step Life

“‘Parallel Universes’ is one man’s quest to find his truth and freedom in a life that didn’t feel real or right, no matter what. Unpacking secrets from his past, he recovers from trauma and addiction, but does not fit into any traditional box of healing. David B. Bohl invites us to discover that sobriety is not formulaic and that just because we don’t relate to a particular program or feel like we fit in somewhere, doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy incredible clarity and freedom. Bohl has turned his life into a “relentless pursuit of reality” and he may give many readers the courage to find their own way out of struggle. -Tama Kieves USA Today-featured visionary career catalyst, inspired success coach, and author of Thriving through Uncertainty

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Publication date: February 15, 2018

Begin the Adventure of Self-Exploration

daisiesby David Bohl

It sounds strange to imagine someone not really knowing who they are, what they want, or where they’re going. But it’s not all that uncommon for many people to be pretty clueless about themselves.

Have you ever asked someone what their life passions were, only to have them give you a blank stare? Or do you ever remember being asked to define your purpose in life, only to answer that you didn’t realize you had one?

I think it’s really sad how many of us go through lives being out of touch with the deeper part of ourselves. Oh sure, most of us know what foods we like, what leisure activities we enjoy, and maybe what our favorite color is. But for the most part, so many people muddle through life unconscious of their deepest needs, desires, and gifts.



Senior couple on cycle rideAh, senioritis – that nearly indescribably lightness of spirit and release from your previous existence as a dedicated student that makes life so difficult for senior-year teachers.

In fact, it sometimes seems that teens in their senior year have to be physically tethered to the ground to keep them from floating off the surface of the planet in their desire to be done with high school, their relinquishing of previous worries and their eagerness to start building their new lives. Wouldn’t it be great if you could recapture this feeling again in your own life?

Well, as it turns out, you can. All you have to do is wait, according to a surprising new study on happiness and aging.


Every Hero Begins as Fool

A guest post from Tama J. Kieves:

In celebration of April Fool’s Day…and of all Spring’s new beginnings, I wanted to encourage you to be a little bit more “foolish” in your life. There is power in daring to be different.

Great advances have never come from the conventionally minded among us. It’s always comes from us idiots who believe in love and freedom and goodness and peace. The fools of today are the visionaries of tomorrow. Those crazy fools of the past gave us electricity, medicine, automobiles, a few trips to the moon and back, not to mention hair dye and microwave dinners. God bless them all. Can you imagine the Wright brothers thinking they could snub the laws of gravity and fly? Think about it. Many of us cower and shrink thinking we’re idiots for believing we can write a screenplay that sells.

Fools dare to be alive, even on a Monday. Fools dare to take off their shoes, turn off the computer and walk outside into the sun.  They know the power, healing, and strength of having fun.  Fools dare to take off their thinking cap and try on their feelings fedora.

Fools dare to try new things and do them badly. Fools dare to rest when they are tired. Fools dare to sing off key and they dare to sing on key in a voice that melts all separation.  Fools dare to wander down interesting paths in their lives, take scenic routes and detours and stuff their bursting satchels with jewels. Fools dare to step into the river beyond the concrete structures of “how it’s always been done,” and allow themselves to be carried onto new and holy ground.

Prudence and conservatism have not advanced our culture. It took the voices on the outskirts to make a noise that changed the world. It’s taken a handful of rabble rousers to vote for women’s rights, freedom from slavery, and to oppose war, hunger, and hatred. It takes fools to raise awareness and fools to raise the bar. It takes fools to stir the hearts of mankind into becoming the great lovers and leaders we are meant to be. Every time we watch the Academy Awards or the Olympics, I think of all the “foolish dreamers” involved who believed they had something in them that deserved commitment, development, and a jostling chance. Every hero begins as fool.

So dare the ridicule of the narrow-minded and dim-sighted. Dare to still believe. Dare to feel.  Dare to trust your guiding light. Dare to ignore gravity and take flight. Dare to be a hero. Dare to be a fool. Looking for job has never been easy with Job Source 1.

©2009 Tama J. Kieves. All rights reserved


pictamanewTama J. Kieves, an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, left her law practice with a large corporate law firm to write and to embolden others to live and breathe their most meaningful self-expression. She is the best-selling author of THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work You Love/How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All

which was chosen as a Finalist for the national Nautilus Book Award, along with the Dalai Lama’s The Art of Happiness.

Kieves is a sought-after speaker and leading career and book coach, who has helped thousands worldwide to discover and launch the life, calling, and business of their dreams. Her dynamic work has been featured on T.V., radio, and in national publications, such as Forbes. Her lectures receive standing ovations and she presents at Canyon Ranch, the six star spa, and is on the faculty of the world-renowned Omega Institute. She is known for her dynamic humor, electrifying presence, “realness,” compassion, and the big possibilities she brings to every room. She offers keynotes, workshops and retreats internationally. She is also an international presenter for A Course in Miracles.

She is currently the founder and president of Awakening Artistry, an organization dedicated to inspiring and supporting a global family of creative souls, visionary minds, daredevil entrepreneurs, and empowered leaders. Visit her popular website at www.AwakeningArtistry.com and sign up to receive her free monthly e-newsletter filled with support for living your best creative life. Download her free transformational report on “Finding Your Calling Now” at www.AwakeningArtistry.com.

Happiness or Fulfillment?

by David Bohl

We often hear someone say they’re “happy and fulfilled” at a new job, with a new living situation, even as a new parent. And they surely are, or believe themselves to be, happy and fulfilled.

But I wonder sometimes what we mean by these terms.

Let’s start with happy. Most people use the word “happy” to mean that nothing in their lives is making them “unhappy.” Their lives are pleasurable. They have what they want, they like their lives, and they are, in a word, content.

That’s great, really. Happiness is something we’d all like to have, and which we all strive for. It’s also very elusive, because the pleasure which is the root of what we call “happiness” is usually transitory.


What Qualifies You to Be an Expert?

expertDo you wonder if you’re qualified to be an “expert?”

Does a failure-to-success story qualify you? You’ve been there and done that, so now you can show others how to do it! Well that’s one way to qualify.

I must confess that I’m a recovering achievement junkie and that gives me the moral authority to tell you that you can be a recovering achievement junkie too. I know how to do it and you may not… but as the expert, I can show you how. Yet, is that what I want to be an expert at? I’m not so sure.


Life in the Clothes Dryer

istock_000003233547xsmall1Sometimes life can be like a clothes dryer.  You can feel hot, tumbled around, and dizzy from the fast-paced demands of life.  Round and round we go, ending up in the same place we began, feeling we made no progress in our lives.  Unfortunately, many of us willingly step into such chaos, and with what results?  You are left parched, without the refreshing moistures of life, twisted into a tight ball.  There is no “fluff” setting in such a lifestyle – only high heat.

Each time you take a tumble in the dryer, a little bit of lint is left in the trap – the little bits of you that eventually leave your life thinner, and you wondering where it went.  These are the wasted moments that can’t be refound, the unnoticed skimming of time off your days that eventually pile up into a wad of loss.  Don’t you sometimes wish you could gather up all those balls of lint and weave them back in to a whole fabric of yourself?

And we shrink, too, each time we go through the hot dryer.  We draw up and the sleeves are too short, the body too tight.  We have a hard time making life fit anymore.  We cover up the condition of our clothes with artificial perfumes and softeners, a consolation for their wear and tear at one of the best, “michigan clothing.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We could take the more leisurely approach to drying our clothes by hanging them on an clothesline.  The morning sun is warm on your back as you pin each item on the line, the dampness of the sheet caressing your face.  The breeze dances the clothes on the line, gently exchanging their dewiness for that fresh smell of the outdoors that only clothes dried on a clothesline can have.  There is no shrinkage, no thinning.  A little fading perhaps of the darker items, but also a brightening of the lighter – isn’t that how life should be? I know is important the line of clothing you wear or accessories, getting your accessories from a source such as plantwear is probably the best decision you could make, so also matter the care you give to your wear or where do you get it, sometimes I just buy it online like in Clothing & Jewelry – Top9Rated, or sometimes I just go to a store and get it there.

Is it as fast and convenient?  Probably not.  And, some fabrics come out a little stiff.  But you have had the sublime pleasure of standing in the quiet sunshine, of seeing each item as its own shape, rather than part of a tumbled mass in a hot, crazily circling drum.  You have heard the morning chorus of birds in the trees, inhaled the aroma of cut grass in the air – and eventually, you will have dry clothes, too.

Best of all, on some drearier day when the sky is rainy, you will have the delight of smelling that summer day as you pull a clean shirt over your head, reminded of the fullness of living.  Now, isn’t that better than dealing with the heat-breathing dragon in the basement?

lizpantry1Liz Rhodebeck, a freelance writer, likes to take note of the everyday moments of life in her poetry and essays. Read a guide by Pallabi on her website at www.waterwriter.com.

Five Myths about Life and How You Should Be Living It

joy.jpgEvery day, we’re bombarded by television commercials, celebrity spokespeople, and advertisements telling us the “right” way to live.

We are told to strive for unattainable lifestyles and to model ourselves after unrealistic, airbrushed models.

Sometimes you need to step back from this virtual reality and ponder what life is really about. Will that Mercedes or those anti-anxiety medications really make you happier, or are they only temporary solutions to deeper issues? Examine these five myths about how you should be living your life and start living the way you want to live.


6 Tips for Streamlining a Project

project.jpgWhether you’re a full time corporate employee or a solopreneur, there have been times when clients or bosses drop large projects into your lap.

Suppose someone hands you a five-pound box of paper and tells you that it’s part of a project that’s due next week!

Or what about if you’re creating a business model for your own company – that’s a pretty voluminous project.

Here are some must-have tips for streamlining the work so that things get done right and move forward according to schedule. (more…)

6 People to Avoid in the Professional World

Let’s face it, the workplace can be like a battlefield. It’s hard enough that you have to huddle in a little cubicle, slagging away every day to support yourself and your family, but you also have a bunch of workplace drama that you usually have to deal with, too.

While this is not true of all work environments, there are some people in your professional crowd that you definitely want to avoid. Learn the traits of these professional piranhas, and stay out of their treacherous pond at work, so you don’t get eaten alive and watch your career go down in flames.