“Recovery”,”Sober Fun” and “Sobriety”

To many, the terms “recovery”, “sober fun”, and “sobriety” just don’t elicit much excitement, especially from those involved in them.


Native Americans have created the term “Wellbriety” that combines the words “sobriety” and “wellness” to more fully describe the process of recovery.  In addition, it avoids the stigma associated with those other words.

How about you?  How do you feel about these words?  Have you found any alternative terms that you feel more comfortable with?

David B. Bohl is a life coach, chemical dependency counselor, and recovery coach.

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2 Comments on ““Recovery”,”Sober Fun” and “Sobriety””

  • I HATE the term “sober fun.” To many, it’s an oxymoron. How can one have fun while sober? “Fellowship” is nice, but it sounds too much like medicine. “High times” is most inappropriate. How about “merriment?” Perhaps dry jocularity? It’s teh word ‘sober” that needs to sound more exciting. So does “recovery.”

  • It comes down to what are we getting sober for i.e. to pursue/experience a meaningful happy life. So I think defining the goal in terms of sobriety is just keeping people in the problem. I’ve had this issue with another addiction and frame the goal as “A solid foundation” my foundation being a physical and psyhological one.

    Just my 2 cents – focusing on the absence of something just didn’t work for me.

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